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Jeevom Green Shield

Health Awareness & Engagement initiative for Workspaces

...Caring Employer ...Healthy Employee ...Energized Workforce

The Value Proposition

  • What is Jeevom
    Jeevom is the mass consumer focused healthcare software plateform where consumer can manage all their health, wellness and medical needs. Key feartures :
    • Search & Connect with all types of healthcare services like Doctors, Clinics, Labs, Pharmacies, Emergency support, Therapies, counselling etc.
    • Manage Medical information, records, events, family heredity information, emergency contacts etc.
    • Keep track of family’s health parameters , trends and goals.
    • Access credible healthcare information through Articles, Research Papers etc.
  • Lets talk about collaboration in context of :
    • Promoting Individual Health Awareness among employees
    • Enabling routine health check ups and consultations in work places
    • Empowering work places to deal with First Aid and medical emergencies
    • Extending “Online Consultations” to deal with work-life balance
Greenshield Logo

Jeevom Green Shield

  • ✔ Awareness
  • ✔ Readiness
  • ✔ Flexibility
  • ✔ Collaboration


Complementary Offerings

  • Periodic Visits of Healthcare professionals to your office for:
    • Health Talks on matters concerning workplace health issues
    • General Health Check up –“ Know Your Health ”
    • 1:1 Health Consultation in your office –Nothing about your health is trivial
  • First Aid Kit for the office
  • Emergency Wallet Card with critical medical information for each employee
  • Dedicated Corporate Healthcare Portal for:
    • Closed group discussion Forum on Health & Medical issues
    • Preferred Response Channel for all Health & Medical issues
    • Manage Corporate Health Programs
    • Preferred Healthcare concierge
  • Invitations to Healthcare Events in nearby areas
  • Highly Discounted Preventive Healthcare Packages
  • Special Corporate discount on Online Consultations

Improve Workspaces

  • Jeevom Healthy Office accreditation enhances your Employer Brand Value as a “ Caring Employer ”
  • Caring Employer retains higher talent and enhances workplace productivity for its employees
  • Healthy workforce means lesser sick leaves and lesser worries about personal health
  • Improved morale, reduced stress and happier ambience in workplace
  • Online Consultations reduce the “time-off” from office for many situations
Improve Workspaces


Early Bird Advantage


Early Bird Advantage

  • Rs100/-wallet credit to all new members in March.
  • 20% flat Top up on first wallet recharge
  • 10% flat discount on first online payment
  • Rs50/-wallet credit for first completed service request with Feedback & Rating

Workplace Health & its importance

  • Workplace health is a comprehensive and integrated approach to health
  • It focuses on the general population at a workplace and the organization as a whole.
  • Healthy Employee + Healthy Organization = Healthy Workplace
Workplace Health & its importance


Lets pledge to make our office a much better place to work by
making it a ‘ Jeevom GreenShield-Healthy Office ’