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    What is the Product

    Welcome to the world of simplified healthcare management for you and your family.
    Jeevom enables you to take timely healthcare decisions based on your personal health information.and fosters seamless collaborations with healthcare providers.

    Jeevom is a SW platform available through a set of web and mobile applications that enables you to manage all your healthcare data and needs You can plan, track, organize and collaborate in the context of holistic healthcare (preventive, curative and wellness).

    What is the Product

    Jeevom is meant for both healthcare seekers as well as providers. Consumers across the age and gender can use it effectively for their everyday health engagement. You don;t need to be tech savvy to use this product as the services can be availed using a phone toll free phone based assistance service as well.
    All kind of healthcare providers in the space of preventive healthcare, medical services as well as wellness segment can use this platform for effective practice management and collaborations with their customers.

    Why Jeevom - What is the relevance?

    Being careless is new cool. You have too much to manage for your family's well-being. With Jeevom, you have got your non-intrusive personal care attendant with a magical wand that has brought the entire healthcare services gamut at your disposal. All you do is and you can take care of your entire family's health, wellness and medical needs.

    I am young and healthy. Why do I need Jeevom

    Jeevom is not a platform that is only used in medical situations. It is a tool that helps you to stay healthy and fit so that you delay the inevitable in your life. Moreover, Jeevom helps you to be organised and prepared for any emergencies with yourself or any of your family members.

    • Prepare for emergencies by using the emergency profile created for you and carrying the updated emergency card with you all the time in your walle
    • Set and work towards fitness goals, track your progress and stay motivated along the way.
    • Keep track of medications, immunizations and your family's medical history in a safe & secure online vault.
    • Save time at the doctor’s office by sharing your medical details and records ahead if your appointment.
    • Manage health information for someone else in your family.

    What Jeevom can do for someone managing a chronic health situation

    Chronic health diseases and medical conditions require a lot of attention and care.
    Jeevom can help you manage your chronic condition in following ways:

    • Jeevom users keep track of their condition by monitoring and analyzing their vital health statistics.
    • You can plan your treatment plans, medication schedules, manage alerts, reminders etc.
    • You can share information with your doctor(s) and keep them updated of your condition, along with getting timely advice from them over Jeevom platform.