• Health Analyser

    Jeevom "Health Analyzer" is your personal Health Assessment Manager which helps
    you take a quantitative assessment of your health based on key health parameters.
    It further helps you analyze the trend of your progressive health and using advanced
    data analytics, it provides you proactive recommendations to manage a personal
    health plan.

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  • Why do I need "Health Analyzer"

    • You can generate a easy to read "Health Report Card" anytime. This provide a quantified
      health assessment view to help you understand the issues in your health.

    • Get a progressive trend analysis over a period of time for each health parameters. This helps
      you manage your health goals and plans

    • Easy share of your health trends and simplified collaborations with your family members and care providers

    • You generally keep getting the data about your health through discrete lab reports,
      measuring instruments etc. but there is no way for you to correlate this data progressively &
      interpret it for your own health analysis. "Health Analyzer" is your tool for enabling this correlation

    • When it comes to right diagnosis and care plan for you, your care giver not only needs data
      at that point of time but historical and progressive trend is also very much desired.

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  • How do I use "Health Analyzer"

    Step 1:Add your health data for various parameters using highly convenient user

    Step 2:Upload your Lab reports and let the automated intelligent parsers, extract
    and digitize your data

    Step 3:Using integration ready smart devices, let your data be captured by Health

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  • What are the key Health Parameters?

    Health Analyzer supports all universally recommended health vital indicators. Furthermore, if
    we missed something, you may add your own custom indicators
    • Body Temperature, Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, Haemoglobin, Pulse

    • Height Weight

    • Cholesterol, Triglycerides, HDL, LDL

    • TSH, T3, T4

    • Uric Acid, Calcium, Vitamin-D, Vitamin B-12, Average Blood Glucose, Thyroid, Iron

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