• Health Connections

    Jeevom "Health Connections" is your smart contact list where you can aggregate all
    those people who matter to you most when it comes to healthcare.

    This list is a categorized list and generally contains your family members, emergency
    contacts, your care providers, people who share similar health conditions etc. You
    may add personal notes,

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  • Why do I need "Health Connections"

    Health is a matter where collaborations can add significant value and a keeping handy a list of
    people with whom you can collaborate seamlessly can be real helpful.
    • You can quickly connect with each other using audio / video / email / chat options.

    • People with similar health conditions can also learn from each other's experience.

    • You can quickly look through the shared data or past communication trail with in your

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  • How do I use "Health Connections"

    Step 1:Add your family members and share each others health profile is desired.

    Step 2:whenever you avails services of any healthcare provider, the same gets added
    to your connections by default.

    Step 3:you can search for people with similar health profile and get connected to them

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