• Health Diary

    Health Diary is your personal chronology or timeline of Health events / incidents in
    your life along with timeline trail of your personal health notes. You can categorize
    your events in happy or sad moments like "Hospitalized with Dengue", "Got my
    PaceMaker", "First Immunization shot" etc. You may correlate these events to other health
    data like Health Records, Health Parameters etc.

    Health Diary further marks important "Health Milestones & phases" for proactive
    health recommendations based n your age and gender.

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  • Why do I need "Health Diary"

    • Often your past health events have a bearing on your future health and can be very
      helpful to access and correlate this events

    • Analysis based on Your historic health timelines, current age and gender, triggers a
      proactive recommendations and tips for your healthy life.

    • Easy share & collaboration of specific portions of your Health Diary with your family
      members and care providers

    • Start Using
  • How can I use “Health Dairy”

    Step 1:Start adding your health events using conveninet mobile and web interfaces

    Step 2:Tag and relate your events with health records

    Step 3:Start Sharing any specific event or multiple events along with related data as
    per convenience

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