• Health Locker

    Health locker is an intelligent digital locker that not only manages your digital health
    records but also allows you to add contextual information, annotations, notes and
    comments from your care providers. The Locker is highly secure and enables access
    controlled sharing of your records with anyone you may wish to.

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  • Why do I need "Health Locker"

    • Isn't it irony that your own health records are not generally accessible to you and generally remains
      scattered with various care providers. Health Locker enables you, not only to just manage but
      also control the access to your health records without the worries of losing any of the record.

    • Wouldn't you like to correlate your health records with health incidents / events in your life.
      This provides a great insight about your health to your care providers

    • Enables easy and secure sharing felicitating seamless collaboration and multiparty
      annotations for second opinions,expert opinions etc.

    • Receive you health records from care providers in the most convenient and secure manner
      without much of personal involvement and efforts

    • 24X7 accessible through convenient interfaces of your mobile or web.

  • How do I use "Health Locker"

    Step 1:Take a snapshot of your health documents using your jeevom mobile app and your
    documents gets uploaded into your secure cloud storage.

    Step 2:Upload digital images from your hard disk using convenient web or mobile interfaces.

    Step 3:Your care provider can simply create a digital documents and send it to your Health
    Locker using email, web or mobile interfaces.

    Step 4:Set permissions for who has access to your one or more records.

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  • What types of records can i store in “health locker”

    • Prescriptions

    • Lab reports

    • Radiology reports like X-ray, ECG, Ultrasound report

    • Discharge summary

    • Audio / Video records

    • Any document that can be digitized

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