• Health Profile

    Jeevom Health Profile is a nicely structured summary of your personal, physiological
    and health information that provides a quick overview about you to healthcare
    providers. This profile contains all relevant information elements that may otherwise
    be overlooked in emergency or first aid situations.

    To ensure privacy & confidentiality, your full health profile is also encapsulated into a
    highly secure QR code that only can be decrypted by authorized Healthcare providers.

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  • Why do I need “Health Profile”

    • Simplified collaborations with healthcare providers while availing healthcare
      services like consultations, booking lab tests etc.

    • Quick Help during healthcare emergencies. The MedCard provides a very quick and
      simple way to reach out to all your information, contacts via a Toll Free phone
      assistance service. All your contacts and emergency healthcare providers can be
      alerted by a single phone call

    • Easy share with your family members to strengthen “Caring” bond

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  • How can I build my “Health Profile”

    Build your Health Profile in 3 easy setps:

    Step 1:Download Jeevom App or simply login to www.jeevom.com

    Step 2:Fill up the Necessary Informartion

    Your Name, Date of Birth, Gender, Blood Group, Height and Weight, Identical Marks,Allergies( if any)

    Step 3:Simply Click "Order a Medcard"

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